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My short poems collection. I will add some more poems in the future.

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I have missed you all my days ,

I choose to live far away from you,

the days passes away so easily,

but the nights keep me awake madly,

the memories of you kept me awake all night ,

the life goes on without you ,

I have accepted the fact to live without you,

yes it’s time to forget you,

yes it’s time to forgive myself ,

for not giving myself a chance to be loved by you,

but the nights are awake as always thinking of you,

so, I have to choose the path to live far away from you,

between the reality and dreams ,

I cannot let you in my reality,

but you will be always in my dreams,

Just you and me ,

with lots of love and promises for being together,

in good and bad ,

in best & worst ,

till the end of time with our first promise kiss,

let’s go to the land of streams,

natures beautifully carved mountains ,

lush full green forests that never seen in dreams,

with colorful birds and wild flowers its like nature’s kiss for us,

there is a bench made of stones at the edge of the cliff ,

where the moon smiles and star showers with cool winds,

holding arms only you & me having a moonlight kiss,

following the stream there comes a waterfall ,

down forming a transparent pool ,

the shiny stones in the clean water bed

happens due to moonlight and stars above our head,

let’s make a small cottage where we will live,

cottage walls made by fragrance of love,

roof made with leafs and flowers,

where we spend the rest of our time ,

the delicious gift of nature of fruits and berries ,

the lullabies of nightingale ,

making every single moment memorable with our good night kiss,

such a beauty of nature witnessed with you ,

I wish this dream come true with hugs & kiss from the real you.

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