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love have its own time,if not now maybe later.

Maybe loving you become such a luxury for me ,

which i am unable to afford ,

maybe that’s why your time moved on,

and my time remains still unmoved,

there were times we met,

there were reason i had to see you again and again,

but not always you had time to see me,

and not always you had an excuse to talk to me,

finally, our paths crossed,

we both found our way to see and talk to each other,

all my emotions came to my eyes,

all my feelings that came from my heart unable to form words,

and once again stuck in my heart,

never i thought i will meet you,

and still i will become helpless ,

such that even my emotions flowed from my eyes to touch my trembling lips,

to let those words come out,

i wish you can read my tears,

i wish you can hear those words that stuck in my teary lips,

i wish at least you must had my heart,

such that at least my heart won’t have to stuck and suffer inside me,

since i know and i always felt like ,it will be always safe with you,

maybe tomorrow if i die, then my last memory will be yours,

even at least i had very less time with you,

even i had shared fewer words with you ,

but still your memory have such a beauty ,

that a smile will be on my lips and i will leave this world peacefully,

maybe that’s why loving you become such a luxury for me in this life ,

which my heart unable to afford ,

may be that’s why i guess your time moved on,

and my time remains still unmoved forever.

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