Short Poems Collection

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Memories are those times we had been together,

memories are those happy moments we spent together,

memories are those heated fights that cannot be changed,

memories are those sad nights,

tears in your eyes and missing those time we had together,

memories of loving you so much and having long walks with you,

lost in our dream future being together,

memories of holding your arms and those passionate kisses,

not bothering about our surrounding,

the journey seems so nice,

those promises felt so true,

with every passing day the bond became so intense and real,

memories of those times when we are madly in love,

memories of staying together in each other dreams,

sometimes staying awake longer in nights with memories of that day replaying in our hearts,

memories of our times we were together and love we had so real ,

now these memories are the only cause of tears that can never stop ,

love that we had, now doesn’t exist anymore,

memories of times we were together should be forgotten,

pages should turn to start new memories with a fresh time,

finally, yes memories of those times will fade and start the new time.

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