Short Poems Collection

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It’s beautiful from the way you see,

it’s peaceful from the way you feel,

it’s beautiful when it glows with stars and clouds,

it’s beautiful when it’s shows the face of every person you loved,

you feel the love once again,

even it’s far away,

the beautiful night sky with red moon ,

moments shared by lovelorn such that ,

even the stars fall to grant all their wishes come true,

the red moon is like a blush moon ,

makes the love night longer and cooler,

most memorable when spent by lovelorn by holding arms.

The glowing moon , fallen stars, soft clouds,

the beautiful night sky always shows the gift of love,

this red moon is also a symbol of love that never ends,

and love lasts forever.

You feel peaceful when you gaze above the night sky ,

the stars are those loved ones too who left us forever,

the loved one’s memories are with us ,

they bless us from above, accompanied by the moon,

they too know what secrets we share with the moon,

Finally, the moon is also like an oracle,

which stores lots of emotions and memories ,

when you come to the world and see the night sky for the first time,

the most beautiful memory of your childhood,

when the moon is part of lullabies said by mothers,

the next beautiful moments you share with your love mate in the night sky when young,

here moon is witness of that eternal and soulful love of young lovers,

the next beautiful moments when you share those lullabies with your little ones,

you become old and getting ready to meet your loved one above the sky as a star,

the moon is memories,

the stars are emotions & feelings

the clouds as a complete night sky family.

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