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My Desires

My desire to be loved,

My desire of money & fame,

my desire to destroy & have power,

but unfortunately devastated by this uncontrolled desires in life,

my desire has no face,

my desires exist by sucking my soul,

my desire uncountable and wrong,

my desire that takes wrong turns in life,

my desire laughs and mock at my face for having such wrong desires,

my life takes a roller coaster ride that have no control over desire,

my then slowly bites every decision and stings poisons in every moment of life,

to untangle such circumstances these desires took away the beauty of my life,

truth that mislead me to the wrong path,

making have no value of life,

my desires that creates havoc in relationships should be controlled,

my desire makes me weak ,and give an illusion of strength that last for life ,

until those desires are fulfilled or destroyed my life,

my desire got no eyes to see pain, it caused ,

my desire has no ears to hear this heart, wrenching words,

but my desire do have a mouth that makes me slave and obey every word until i die,

the truth of my desire is - it does not have an end,

my desire should be tamed and controlled like a pet ,

or else my desire will turn to master and make me pet for life,

my desire for someone is good for only if ,

my desire makes a wrong turn and snatches away my loved ones,

my desire for something is good only if ,

my desire to get something that caused me lose everything i had once,

my desire is like a fire ,

that have the beauty of candle light for peaceful night,

a happy life,

the fire of my desire do hold the wrath,

to burn every piece of life and give sleepless nights,

my desire cannot be separated from my life,

it’s like a fruit ,

the new form desire tastes good for life ,

then after a while it tastes sour,

finally these desires are to be thrown before it makes the relationships stink

and life less worth to live,

yes, my desires slowly bites every decision and stings poisons in every moment of my life,

to untangle such circumstances these desires takes away the beauty of my life,

why we i such desire that take a wrong turn, needed to be controlled ? ,

we i have to follow every word of desire ?

Why ?

why ?

And why ?

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