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Letter in Attic

Letter in Attic Part - 1

a letter to Aunt Dory by Uncle Richard,

I took those letters and back in my room,

as I read this letter,

“Dear Dory Jones,

I don’t know how,

I don’t know when,

it’s all started a long time ago and I cannot find the end,

it’s all started with your smile and I guess ended by losing my heart for you,

because I love my dory,

i always loved your baked cakes,

your laughter makes the cakes sweeter and tastier,

my day too becomes all good by just a glimpse of your face,

that hazel eyes,

that cute pout while you bake ,

your golden hair that you always tied like a bun,

but my favorite is your loose hair strands that curled in your neck,

and trying to hide a mole and formed like half a necklace,

one day I have decided ,

started painting of your beautiful face that took three days and not getting tired,

finally a huge smile in my face with the last touch of paint of your face,

I closed my work and thought of gifting this portrait to you,

to show how dearly I love my dory,

but a thought came ,

I hanged that portrait in my room ,

such that every morning will be my good morning ,

a strong determination to make you my bride for my life forever,

on our wedding day this will be a wedding gift for you,

I placed your portrait in the center of my wall ,

and removed all other portraits that covered the wall ,

your portrait is the most beautiful and fine art ,

that I feel I have ever made,

after three days of hard work,

I have gathered enough courage to tell you finally ,

how much i love my dory,

so I have baked a banana chocolate cake for you ,

if you don’t like my cake you can throw it ,

if you don’t feel for me the same way I feel for you then throw the cake in my face ,

I will accept that maybe my love, for you was not so strong to make you love me too,

I am willing to wait in your bakery shop till you get free and choose to reply.

From Richard Smithson”

Taking the journal and letters i got up and kept that letters in a book.

I found this letters in the attic ,a portrait, a folded single note.

As I opened the folded, the single note which was attached behind the portrait, I got my answers.

" Dear Richard Smithson,

your cake tastier such that i want again and again but only for me ,and my name is not Miss Dory Jones anymore ,

from Mrs. Dory Richard Smithson”

Letter in Attic part – 2

Aunt dory started reading every words that were written in that journal,

she reads,

" my dear dory,

i cannot believe in my fate that finally brought you in my life forever,

today holding your arms ,

taking vows of promising husband and wife for whole life ,

this is the best ever feeling I have realized that finally you are mine,

you love the portrait I made for you ,

with happy tears and a huge smile,

that very moment holding you in my arms ,

I wondered how god gave me such a precious gift like my dory,

an amazing and pure creation of god but how gifted to me,

the beauty of jewels is nothing to add to your feather like touch of palms and flower petal soft lips,

for me your warmth of love sooths and heals my all pain ,

your face that lights up with a smile when you see me like a magic,

I wondered are you real or my fantasy,

your eyes says a lot of stories ,

and your are like a book that every day adds a new page of life we shared,

let me read you too and hide close to my heart,

I feel like I am a cloud and only meant to stay in your sky,

I want to be the shape of your pure soul you have,

allow me to be your shadow for my whole life,

let’s fulfill all wishes and dreams we had together,

let’s start our own world ,

let my desire hold you tight ,

let me spent this evening with you and loving you all night,

my dear dory i love you a lot and blessed by god,

a gift like you forever in my life,

from your Richard”

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