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Screams of Broken Heart

Answer me ,the man shouts and cries but screams the broken heart,

Answer me ,the man shouts and cries but screams the broken heart,

your love gave heartbeats to the heartless one,

and then your love broke my heart, screams the broken heart,

why you punished me for loving you ? ,

is loving is a crime ? ,

now look ,how i am destroyed in loving you,

why love is such a weird feeling to understand and difficult to describe in mere words ? ,

love that gives you happiness for a while,

makes you feel that the love will stay forever with you,

makes lots of promises,

but at the end of the day ,

yes, this love gives you back sadness,

unstoppable tears for long nights,

memories of that person,

never letting you forget the face,

loneliness even if you are crowded by your loved ones ,

complaints of why it happened,

demands to know and find that caused such a pain,

within the gaps of final heartbeats of broken heart ,

it screams and cries a lot such that god will hear and feel the same pain ,

and if god comes to me to help me ease my pain,

then i will question him ,

why , why and why you gave me a strong body but a fragile heart ?,

why a fragile heart that will love again and again with so intensely and dearly ? ,

and finally ,

why you gave fate such a right to break mercilessly a loving heart and making lovers forever apart ? ,

is this the way of your creating heart ? ,

that will love again and again and feel such a pain again and again ?

Answer me ,the man shouts and cries to god but screams the broken heart.

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