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Waiting for him since thousands of years

I have been waiting for him since a thousand of years to see him at least just once,

wandered thousands of worlds,

seen millions of species ,

billions of lives and deaths I have witnessed,

but still I don’t know why I have been waiting for him since a thousand of years,

the unknown winds and my lonely arms ,

maybe my fate or maybe my love for you,

always ask me more to wait for you,

why you are hurting me,

i am alone without you,

my thoughts, my dreams, my heart desire for you,

please come back to me, my heart, my love pleads to you,

my only unfulfilled wish to see you,

i cannot complete the distance between us any more even if i try,

yes one day we will meet in our dreams,

that my scars always reminds to me,

i believe in our love and i don’t have fear anymore,

but the distance between us hurts me a lot,

why don’t the moments we shared can be relived again ?,

so that i can live with you more,

why don’t the time stop? ,

so that at least i can hope to see you again,

i see birds singing, flowers glowing, the shining pebbles in the river,

but i cannot see how i look ,

i run with the squirrels,

fly with birds,

build home with the ants,

and some time chase those flies,

i shared our stories to the owl,

finally i sit in the lap of the moon and cry aloud and cursing my self,

my eyes are shallow of not seeing you anymore,

my heart is caged due to never ending pain,

but once there were colors of your love that shines in my eyes,

my heart was not caged instead, it had wings to fly ,

catching the crazy dreams those hide in my wings as a trophy,

but now no one crosses my path to see me, to hear my pain,

even if I do not breathe,

i have a heart even if it doesn’t have beats,

i still have love for you in my heart,

i still dream of you to see you at least once is my last unfulfilled wish,

because my heart won’t listen to me ,

maybe that’s why I have waiting for you since a thousand of years,

keep wandering thousands of lives,

travel thousands of worlds ,

even if i am dead

but my unfulfilled wish always makes me feel alive.

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