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Why you are hurt in love ?

Why you are hurt in love ?,

why you are in pain when you want love ?,

why you have to smile even if you feel pain and want to cry loud and a lot ?

Why no one want to see your pain ?,

why no one believed that you love him ?,

why there is no one to know how deeply you hurt in love ? ,

why ?

If today i am hurt then one day he will feel the pain,

if today i am not loved, then one day he will feel my share of loneliness too,

the dreams I had with you is shattered now, the wish to be your love is too broken now,

maybe this is how you are hurt in love,

maybe this is the reasons that you have to keep smiling and move on even it hurts,

maybe finally you choose to forgive yourself from breaking you heart that was meant for him,

maybe you should make yourself strong enough to forget of loving him again,

why I have to be so naive to be so lost in loving him,

maybe I should have heard those words of love which you never said ,

maybe I should have asked my mind before loving him whole heartily,

maybe I should have learned from books ,

maybe I should have got a guide that would have helped me,

to not make yourself lost and broken by loving him so deeply,

yes, this is how you are hurt in love.

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