Her Eyes.

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"she wished she closed her eyes, and opened them to see that everything will be alright again."

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In Her Eyes.

her eyes, as beautiful as her,

her eyelashes, as black as charcoal,

her tears, as salty as the sea,

her eye color, as colourful as a rainbow,

her eyes admired by all,

people tell her,

"don't let anything ruin them,

don't let anyone harm them,"

that was all she heard,

and knew,

but little did she know,

what was coming,

for her.

she was a kind, young and naive girl,

always did well in her studies,

strived to be a good person,

she was quiet

and shy,

but that made her an easy target,

for some people to bully her,

there were days,

when some students from her class,

would constantly tease her,

called her a "dweeb, a weirdo, ugly,"

they called her many names,

but still she tried to ignore them,

days went by,

and the endless bullying went on and on,

until one day,

a girl went too far with her words,

the girl called her a "slut,"

and falsely claimed that,

she was a "goody- two shoes" by day,

but was a "whore" for men at night.

then it got even worse,

one day,

some students decided to play hurtful games,

on her,

they would pull her hair,

they would push her to the ground,

they would command her,

to obey their every order,

forced her to break some rules,

in school,

and would put all the blame on her,


they would slap her,

if she didn't listen to them,

or whenever one of them was,

angry about something,

they would beat her up.

even after all that,

she stayed quiet,

she was afraid of speaking out,

she was afraid she'll get attacked more,

every night,

she cried,

laying on her bed,

with tears running down,

her face,

as fast as a stream,

her tears started to make,

her eyes red,

the trickles of water,

landed on her pillow,

they absorbed into the

pillow cover,

she wished she closed her eyes,

and opened them to see that,

everything will be alright again,

and then she fell asleep.

then she woke up,

she felt tired,

it was a new day,

but it felt like it was the same day as yesterday,

she didn't feel like getting out of bed,

she wanted to lie there,

wanted to just sleep,

but she had to force herself to get up,

she was getting ready for school,

and she was brushing her hair in the mirror,

hey eyes were looking bloodshot red,

and puffy,

but she didn't care,

thinking that it'll disappear.

later, her parents said they wanted to have a talk with her,

they said, "we heard that you've been,

misbehaving at school,

breaking the rules,

a teacher once said that you purposely,

set off the fire alarm system and water sprinklers,

which caused everyone to go into a panic state,"

but she just sat there,

and was too afraid to say anything,

her mother's anger,

was seeping,

throughout the atmosphere of the room,

then the mother got up,

walked up towards her,

and slapped her so hard across her face many times,

"is this how we raised you??

is this how you're supposed to act??

you were once such a good girl, you obeyed us,

worked hard in your studies, was sweet and humble,

but now, look at you!

look at the person that you've become,

coming home and going out late at night,

getting into trouble at school,

oh and i also found traces of marijuana and cigarettes,

in your dress drawer,

your behaviour is getting worse everyday,

i'm so disappointed in you,"

her father,

also sat there on his chair,

he wanted to say something,

but he was afraid of his wife's outburst,

so he just stayed quiet.

afterwards, she was crying in her room,

she could hear her parents,

arguing about her,

she heard her father say,

"you're too being too harsh on her,"

the mother said, "of course i should,

and you won't even say anything to say,

i always need to do the talking for you,

it's my job as a good mother to teach her

lessons about being good in life,"

"but physical abuse isn't the way

to discipline her," said the father.

while her parents continued their arguments,

she kept crying, her eyes,

now even more puffy than before,

the shadows under her eyes,

were more visible now.

the pain in her eyes,

such sad eyes,

eyes that used to sparkle,

are now dull and lifeless,

the spark inside them,

has disappeared.

she has had enough,

she thought to herself,

"nobody loves me,

and i don't love myself,

this world is so cruel,

so why do i have to be here?

won't people be happier,

when i'm gone?,

at least i won't be a burden,

to anyone,

maybe i should just leave,

and go away somewhere far,

up above,

they'll love me,

when i'm gone,

they'll care for me,

when i'm gone,

they'll remember me,

when i'm gone.

so she took a,

a geometry compass,

from her stationary case,

and held it close to her wrist,

and with a weak smile,

she said these last words,

"God, i'm coming home,

and i know,

you're waiting for me,

here i come,"

then she repeatedly,

stabbed her wrist,

blood was gushing out fast,

tears filled her eyes,

she was in pain,

but she knew,

soon it was going to be over soon,

then the room,

around her started becoming faint,

and in just a few minutes,

her pulse stopped,

and she collapsed on the ground.

her parents heard a loud noise,

and rushed quickly,

to her room,

and when they entered,

both of them screamed,

and saw their daughter,

lying on the ground,

blood everywhere,

her father called for emergency,

while her mother hugged her,

crying loudly,

and kept saying, "don't go, my child,

don't go, i love you, please don't go,

don't leave us, please,"

and then when the ambulance arrived,

it was already too late,

the doctor confirmed that she was gone, forever.

then, her mother broke down into,

uncontrollable and heart-aching sobs,

while she hugged her,

her father, lost all control with his emotions,

and cried loudly, mourning his daughter's death,

then the doctor found a small diary in her room,

and showed it to the parents,

in the diary, she wrote,

about her constant bullying at school,

about how her parents were disappointed in her,

about how she struggled to find happiness,

and so on,

the mother's teardrop,

fell on one of the pages,

and she and her husband hugged their daughter tightly,

and said, "this is all our fault, we're so sorry,

we as parents didn't understand the great pain,

you went through, we never asked how are you,

because we were always focused on your grades,

we forgot about your well-being,

we didn't know what was going on in your life,

we're so sorry, we're so sorry, we're so sorry,"


it was too late,

to apologise,

she's gone now,


( side note : for anyone who is being bullied, please don't be afraid to reach out to someone. talk with your family, or close companions. you can also seek help from a professional. and if you know anyone who is also being bullied, please be kind and help them. we can make the world a better place if we help each other. )

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