chrysanthemums and other forgotten creatures

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first grade

i met you

one day in the first grade

you had just moved, not far

just a few miles over

and you were short

very short

with your unfortunate hairstyle

and your kind smile

i don't remember meeting you

but of course, one day

we were friends

playing imaginary games at recess

sitting together in class

while the teacher told us stories

you always chose me

and i chose you back.

and then i moved

far away

to london, england

which seemed big and scary to us both

but you wrote me letters

and i wrote you back

with words filled with the emptiness of missing you.

i returned

and by then we'd both gotten older

much older

and we sent messages

small gestures that made our preteen souls smile

it was nice to have a friend.

the next year, i asked you out

and you said yes

and we talked more and more

until you said it

the word with such great meaning to someone so young

but i didn't say it back

so you told me it was okay, that you still felt the same

until one day

i said it too.

so we loved each other

and we kissed

and i wanted nothing more than for you

to be mine


and always

but it ended

as some things do

with a last kiss

that i can't remember

and a small smile

to remind you of all our years


and i miss you

but all i can do

is wonder

if you miss me too

and think back to our young

happy days

nine years ago

when i met you

one day in the first grade.

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