My Poetry Collection

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This is a collection of poetry I've written over the course of my life. The chapters are in no particular order, so feel free to skip around to anything that catches your eye.

Rebekah Williams
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I. My feelings for you are like the ocean: inconceivably vast and mysteriously magnificent.

II. The nature of its waves changes.

Sometimes they are as predictable as the tides:

remaining consistent and unchanging,

scientifically measurable and reproducible,

fickle as the craftsmanship of a talented clockworker.

III. At other times, they are more appropriately compared to the random stirrings of the seaside:

the gentle whispering of the wind flowing through your ears

as the scent of salt softly pierces your nostrils

and your eyes try to shield themselves from the blinding reflection of the sun that falls upon the minute grains of sand.

IV. Or yet those waves can be more becoming of those of a lightning storm about to extinguish the candle of the life of a seafarer

as all the bonds he formed with his fellow seabound companions…

and their discoveries of ancient treasures together…

begin to dissolve into foam,

never to again be witnessed.

V. The waves ebb and flow

constantly rolling and falling and crashing upon one another

blending their dichotomous colors into a masterfully created gradient in which the layers are so closely blended that it becomes difficult to differentiate them from one another as the borders wash away

leaving it impossible to distinguish the end of one and the start of another.

VI. Every sensation riding and crashing into each other…

…like waves.

VII. The waters may be uncharted, but I want to unhook my boat

and invite you to hop aboard with me

to embark on an adventure


and terrifying…


Not “together” as in physical proximity,

but “together” as in working toward a shared destination;

a two-person team.

VIII. Nothing but you, me, and shared passion:

a desire to become something greater together

than just the sum of our parts.

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