The Journey

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You left in the dark. But were back by light. Changed; yet still the same. Guided by the light of fireflies.

Poetry / Fantasy
Ammun Rehman
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The Journey

You light my world like fireflies

For all those people who hate goodbyes

You left and said you’d soon be back

That very patience we people lack

But you stayed away for many years

As the river flowed from all our tears

Then when you returned from the darkest grey

It was night and yet not day

You told us about the adventures you had

None of which were very sad

They asked you about forgotten jewels

You told them they were being fools

For the only treasure that you had seeked

Was a golden heart so pure, so sweet

Far and wide you looked for days

Hoping that you wouldn’t astray

You realized soon that the treasure was home

And now the path was clearly shown

That day you said, “Hello, if I may?”

I smiled at you and said, “Please, stay!”

You light my world like fireflies

We are two of those people who hate goodbyes…

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