Cheers to the malediction

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Growing up I was made believe how wonderful love is, how it makes the world go round and how everything revolves around it. Told I needed to project the same measure of love I want to get. They told me nothing about self love and about how you can love someone with every fiber of your being and get nothing in return. They forgot to mention the heart breaks and all the damage love can leave on its wake. because of the situations we’ve found our selves in, the experiences of betrayal and disappointments. For some including me love has a shadow side, a dark drive that constantly asks the question “how far are you willing to go? In a world full of mystery, surrounded by people with hidden agendas and motives you cannot help but feel like you cursed. When living on a roller coaster all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride while you eating away your emotions. downing them with tears and with blood from your bleeding heart you toast to the malediction

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love is like a magic carpet

Over hills and dangerous mountain peaks it takes you, were you feel like you being attacked by monsters or falling in the deepest wholes. Hardship, great fear and marvelous wonders you experience. Creepy ideas come to your imagination at the thought of what tomorrow holds while looking at the current situation

The experience we go through makes or breaks us, some gives us insight and strengthen the inner being. Through tough and wicked some positive things we gain.

Life is an adventure.

you travel through flora gardens, smell the pleasant aroma and fragrance of flowers. On bed of roses it makes you sleep, where you surrounded by the beauty yet still feel pain as thorns pierce your skin.

It is really a journey I sometimes love and hate being part of.

Love define

Love is such a beautiful thing if you take a closer look at it, let it take you over without hesitation. It is a sensation that burns through cold walls of a worm loving heart and stimulates affection.

It is one of those scarce sacred resources I mostly treasure. the most amazing feeling which shuts up the loud noise of silent cries. Oh what a wonderful something, I personally believes it should be preserved for future generation to witness its existence or maybe I should write about it in journals of history for the next upbringing to read about

Some say love is a feeling, while others argue of it being an abstract but I views it as weakness.

Yes! It is a feeling like the ocean it is deep with emotions and full of tenderness. As you can not touch nor see an abstract so is this love

You can only feel it when it surfaces your body, as weakness it paralysis every joint and awakens all romantic bones while affection navigates your veins. You truly know you’ve been taken over when you feel the presence of the beloved while miles away, you admit you’ve fallen harder by sensing the touch. The beloved is your weakness if only the voice is enough to send shivers down your spine.

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