Tragedy of the Months

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Tragedy of the Months, is the title of the collections of events that happened , The story based by months and random during the picking process for the events, for example it started by Sixth of June and could be First of January and so on. It's a collection of poetry mixed with stories and different kind of genres, hope you guys like it.

Poetry / Thriller
Ricky Hadrian
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Sixth of June

Sixth of June

It was the luckiest month of my life.

Not because gold found hidden under my ground

nor because the lottery appeared to hit the bullet

but literally it because I woke up earlier than I was used to be.

The wind blows harder so unusual

even though it was summer, and I wore something casual.

Something has awoken me in the middle of my dream

surely it was the loudness of sharp noises by the siren far from the sight.

Mother, what happened.

Hurry, we have to go with the crowds.

I said, what do you mean by the crowds.

The fire Julian, the flame are coming toward us

It explained why I was sweating

why there are smokes from near miles away

other than the unusual behavior of kangaroos around our fences

and along with people and everything behind it moved in one direction.

My mother screamed as she never been before

I understood that it was a command and I am not used to within it

Come on Julian forget about everything

as my mother grabbed and pulled by my arms throughout the floor into the ground.

Barefooted and I had my shoes on the shelves

I’m no other than the animals who ran to save their lives

I was scared, but I don’t know for sure what I feared from

and the more I ran, the more I know

Flame ignites out of nowhere and could appear from everywhere.

The sky was no longer sky, and the night was no longer quiet

, although the moon was not white or bright but red in the dark.

It was quite windy in the hell, but if it touched you, your skin would get peeled.

Some carnivores ran faster than a bike, like a cheetah or a tiger.

Some animals jumped farther than the boxes of hopscotch in the children’s game on the mid-day after Sunday service behind the chapel.

There are few, and many more rising tall in the air and flew above the height and lots of lots of them behind us depending on the trees because they thought that their home had been the safest place to protect them from any troubles for over the past.

Hence they were vanished along with their home and one still tiny and adorable passed along the way by whom we left behind.

I can’t look back

I won’t be able to stand

My emotions have no place in here

only the ones who were careless life the longest in that place.

Everyone wanted to live, and even the hopeless desired to breathes

In this wood surrounded by flames

with a tiny bit of oxygen left by the god.

Nevertheless, who believed in a God of whom let all this madness had happened.

In June it was the luckiest month.

In June, my mother and this little koala have survived.

In June I lost my home, but my life has saved.

In June, the Australia bush fire 2019-2020.

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