The Tales Of The Waiting Lady

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"Hey,I'll wait for you,even it took me 1000 years to wait you,i will do my best to meet you,so hang in there...i promise i will wait you,if you dont come back,then i will go there,i will go to you...wait for love one..."This is a story about a lady who waut for her lover to return from wars,and the lady was a legend,she was a samurai girls,lets read the story of her adventures and sad Msla

Poetry / Adventure
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He leave...

This day is the day he leave...he will go to the war and fight for our little country,i don't want he go there,because its dangerous place where many people kill each other...if he go there,and return with glory,it will be great..but..if he don't return and our country lose...i will can't do anything but crying...

When i was thinking,he look at me with confused and sad face.then he said dont worry,i'll back and bring some goods for us and we will win this war,he said like that to make me don't worrying him to much and i said to him i will wait for must return..even it took me to wait you for 1000 years,i will wait for you,or i will search for you,its promise! And he look suprise,and he smile,his smile is warm...its make me cry...

The time has come,there a car for army to sit,We hugged each other,and we kiss for the last time...and that day i saw he leave this place/home..

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