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This is a piece of poetry that I write in memory of the key workers who fight the Corona virus Pandemic at their own risk, Be on the lookout for my next book all alone. Target: My target for my first ever piece of work is 100 likes and five countries, please add you nation in the comments.

Poetry / Children
David Agyemang
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This is a poem about those who help fight the coronavirus pandemic, as we sit at home wandering when this will all end, I want you to take a moment to thank all workers that are tirelessly fighting in this pandemic.

As we speak my mother is working in a carehome that is feeling the effects of this virus, 11 people have died, but still my mum and her colleagues still fight on. Right now in the UK over 40,00 people have died with this virus many of them vulnerable, elderly or with underlying health conditions, but still many people ignore social distancing guidelines. A few weeks ago in the area that I live in (Greater Manchester, UK), many parties had to be stopped by police, but with hundreds of people dying every day all over the world, partying isn’t worth the risk.

Famous people such as Dominic Cummings, Morgan Gibbs-White, Serge Aurier and even Jose Mourinho, refuse to accept that a worldwide pandemic is on our hands. The scientists, care workers, doctors and nurses still fight on, and this is a poem in memory of them.

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