Poetry by a short girl

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A few poems about what's going on my mind

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To the boy who I thought he knew my soul

We are too broken to work

Not even the pieces of my heart could put us together

You are too broken to heal

And I'm too tired to mend you

You got lost and I

Can't find the map of where you are

I used to be your light

But you like to play with fire

I used to make you smile

But now, I've lost my mind

You used to hear me cry

But now you're the reason why

I used to own my soul

But apparently, now it's all yours

I used to rule my kingdom

But now, you've cut my rules

I don't like this game

I don't know how to play

I'm the only one losing it

I'm the one who stays

You have all my pieces

You know how to end

But now, I must run away

I know I can't stay

I heard all your lies

I painted them all as a sky

And I took the clouds to make me fly

But you made them to cry

And I fell down with all the raindrops left behind

And when I touched the ground...

...It made me realize...

...that you're good in my dreams

But not anymore in my life.

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