Words You Never Heard From Me

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This is a poetry writing. About a clueless girl in her 20's on a blurry pavement road with blurry eyes, misty sight. Is it a dead-end or a straight-line path, 'Don't Stop'?

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Lost in the Same Pages

I was awake, looking through my phone, scrolling down the news while watching them on tv. The past weeks were hectic for everyone. Continuous fights, none stop praying, heads on the ground, miserable minds, hearts at ease.

A call from my mother, talking on the same topic from yesterday’s phone call. I got a bit annoyed enough to get mad. I have my own temper. Explanation after explanation, she finally gets it well, understood.

People are isolated from each other, workers can’t go back to their hometowns, students can’t leave their dorms to be at home, immigrants to stay abroad, outsiders foreigners are unwelcome.

My mother has to be on her own at home while I’m three at my father’s. Here, everyone couldn’t pass the main gate without permission, we’re being locked in someone’s land. Two weeks passed, then another two weeks passed, and another two weeks to pass. This could not be the ending, no, it can’t unless they start to get on their senses. Looking around being surrounded by the dead with unknown names.

My mother starting to miss us said she will look from the outside my bedroom door reminiscing moments I was there. She wonders when the control may be lifted after this, I wonder it too cause it’s now become everyone’s inquisition.

My mother’s words keeping my mind questioning my actions. I try to get on the tracks I needed to, but it keeps me on the same unchanged lane nor is it a purpose or a will. I couldn’t see any further after all of these, I lost in the same pages I was before. No matter how hard I had tried with several trials that became my attempts, they seemed familiar, they feel repetitive. Therefore, I get lost in the current page looking a way out for a flip to a new page sheet.

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