Can We See That Far?

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Chapter 1: I


You speak into my ear but I hear nothing,

Your eyes look into mine but I see nothing,

Your hand touches mine but I feel nothing,

Your lips touch mine but I respond not to what you feel because I am lost,

Lost in Nirvana,

A place that is empty nothing is there but me a note and a shotgun in my hand.

What I want to do I can't,

I won't,

I will,

I feel the chill upon my back and the cushion of the carpet on the floor.

But wait I hear someone knocking at the door.

The blood on the floor,

The shotgun in my hand and the sound of a band playing on and on but wait I'm gone.

To heaven to hell who could ever tell.

I hear a bell,

A bell ringing,

Ringing alone,

Alone I am,

I have nothing.


Before and after the shore there was more or less if what was there before.

Like an elevator door you look in there could be some, look back and the sin will flow through you like a crack in the wall.

A long dark hall full of shattering screams a nightmare and dreams.

It all seams like a thought, thoughts of death and never ending slumber.

I wonder if people really care or are they just there.

A pitch black mare with hair of needles piercing the flesh of death as it blazes through the dark shore that was once as alive as you or I.

Now dead I lie on my bed as I wonder yet once again.

Will I ever reach my shore?


Torn like an old worn out shoe can you help me through another day?

Or should I say Lord mayday.

I can feel the pain in my head pounding,

Sounding like a loud obnoxious scream,

A horrible dream,

I seem to be falling endlessly towards anything that will except me always.


Something tells me that you like me,

But like me is it you or something about you?

I tell you I will treat you right,

But the thing is you make it sound like yeah right.

So constantly I put up a fight.

Not knowing it but without you I seem to feel like spit.

I guess that I just can't get it.

Is it me or something about me that makes you feel the way that you feel for me?

I can't help but to wonder and ponder can it really happen,

It is it an accident in the making?

I just can not stop shaking because I think that you are fly and that I am the guy for you.

Tonight I will dream of you as always my boo as you make me melt to the point of absolutely no return as you burn through my mind.

I think that you are kind and just the thought of you will make me rewind my clock to stand another day.

What can I say, I'm wanted.

The Final Dance

As I glance over I see you dance.

We're in France,

A white paradise when it snows and blows through your hair.

We are the only ones there in my dream as you scream when the bullet pierces my heart I think for once I did something right for tonight I die happy.

You cared enough to have me in this our final dance.


As she sits at the bar I pull up in my car and begin to wonder,

Will tonight be the night that I meet her and at that will she ever join me in my endless slumber?

Will I end up bumping her into my life or pushing her or of it?

Am I just so sick of it with all of the struggles and strife that I go through to keep her in my life,

But it is not all because she is lovely oh no it is much more than this.

She is the one for me.

My wife to be till death do is part,

She's lovely.

Dark Times

When the day is dark and the night is grey,

I drop to my knees and begin to pray.

For tonight I fear, I will be the one who fears the day of reckoning.

The reckoning of a new day that may soon be the last,

For tonight is the night that I shall send a blast throughout the land that will bring the world to my attention.

The news that I will give the people of the world,

Is the news of a new tomorrow,

For I will concur the beast that destroys the future of our young and cancels out that if the old and blind;

For what is in my mind is a plan,

The plan of all.

To save the days to come for the young and small.

Till The End

You always said that you would be there till the end and I said that I would been the rules and do whatever it would take to make this true.

Even though the things that you would do sometimes would often hurt me it always turned out to be import wines and good times thinking of all the past times,

Till the end.


War is the term used in history class that never should have had to be taught but was and is.

It seems to always be around,

On the playground at home and in the country next door.

It should be never more for if we all took a time out to figure out what exactly it is that we are doing as a people and a world in pain.

We should strain to stop the pain,

We need to stop and help the poor say never more and end the war.



I am stuck on you like glue.

The only thing that I want in this world is a chance to hold you and to touch you.

I want to show you and tell you how much I care and would be there for you.

The things that I would do for you to make you the happiest woman in the face of this beautiful earth.

If only I had a chance I would do anything for you.

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