Inner Woman

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Poems drawn from my inner woman. They are personal and reflect a lifetime of experience. I don't claim to be a great poet, but you can judge for yourself.

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Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Michelle’s elegy

In the dream catcher’s shadow

I embrace you again

In quiet peace you are free

You soar

Your spirit elated

Pain is no more

Michelle my friend

Courage personified

You survived too much

Fates hurt your soul

You loved freely

Broken, the earthly shackle

Betrayal of body forgotten

You visit me

Happy, you giggle

Lit by your smile

Dream big

Do it

Forget not good enough

Satisfy your soul

Love unconditionally

Your words heal my spirit

Sister of my heart

In death as in life

Encourage my strife

In the dream catcher’s shadow

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