Inner Woman

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The door was under the steps

The yard was small

I loved it none the less

I knew naught else

Mom and dad were there

Love was what I knew

The house was so much bigger

Dad worked so hard to make it nice

The garden, trees even the fence

Each made it more

I had my room

A sister too

Friends and neighbors

It was so much better

And love grew

Again, we moved, not so far

The house hardly different

The neighbors were not as nice

The yard it needed work

I grew through my teens

I learned to hate the house

Love was only bitter

I made our first apartment home

Just married, we were dirt poor

Borrowed chair, dishes plain

The bed no frame

Mattress on the floor

I loved the place

Still do today

Love was fresh


My heart full, at peace

This place I’m in today is mine

Once more I am alone

The things I bought bring no joy

Although the cost so dear

You see things are not enough

To make a house a home

There must be love

From inside and out

To put a heart at ease

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