Inner Woman

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When I was twelve

I held the gift so sweet

Woman’s right to make life

Though still a child myself

My sister’s birthday

Same bitter day

More important

My moment


She was eight!

I turned eighteen

An adult now

Sweet celebration

With knowledge sure

I could not live

My parent’s wish

I was stuck

In their muck

Bitter truth


To be me

I wed, a mere


My soul mate found

We were bound

Sweet joy

True love

Bitter curses

Mothers displeasure

The life they dreamed


Decades later

Our final goodbye

A last I love you

Before he went,

Sweet release

From pain was his

Bitter tears were mine


I look back now

Milestones come, they go

Challenge met sweet joy

Each triumph brings sure

Bitter knowledge

Comfort goes

To forge my strength

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