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Inner Woman

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The Right Path

When I was two

I do remember

No more for you

I was only two

I was hungry

You will be fat

When I was five

I collected rocks

They lived in socks

My sister had crystals

Stones which glowed

I cried

I yelled

I struck with fists

She’s your sister

Let it go

I was only five

I screamed I punched

I should be her

Hug your sister

You cannot strike

When I was ten

I read so much

Books on shelves robust

They looked so pretty

Story on story

There are so many

You must stop

I was only ten

I need a million

A few are fine

A lot

Is not

When I was twelve

I slept on and on

The room was musty

The books were dusty

You must get up

Work and clean

I was only twelve

It isn’t pressing

Why are you mean?

Busy is good

You will do your chore

When I was sixteen

My friend my queen

My body yearned

I would take

No love

I knew it not

My body quaked

The need was new

Clamp it down

You are stronger

I was only sixteen

It felt so good

Why should I stop?

With no control

There is no love

And love is all

When I was twenty one

I strode across the stage

I shook their hand

I was the best they bragged

The robe was draped

Gold and Purple

The scroll declared

First in Class

I am the best!

You must learn

There are those who know more

I was only twenty one

My chest puffed out

My nose in the air

I am the one

Be humble you can be out done

Life taught me again

Humility brought me

To the right path.

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