Inner Woman

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Heat Wave

Like a heavy blanket

Warmth lies thick

Upon the city it runs its junket

Quietly searing to the quick

On the street

At the corner

A fire hydrant spews relief

Children squeal

With joyous appeal

At icy water brief

Sol the burner

His rays doth mete

Inner cold is but a glimmer

In tenement a simmer

Yet joy is found

It does abound

An icy treat

Creamy sweet

Flavor to a thirsty tongue

Reward has swung

A bribe this day

Ere sunset’s sway.

Still no ease

Night brings sticky sleep

Cries of rain please

As farmers weep

Thunder, hail

Lighting’s tail

Heat is lost

At what cost

Balance hides

From all who bide

In summers grip

And endless whip

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