Inner Woman

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It caused me tears

It freaked me out

It made me faint

I lost all hope

I went for tests

I didn’t know

I was anxious

I was weak

I heard the word

It was no

I kept my body whole

Relief washed my soul

Again, the question

Again, the wait

Again, I heard

The word was yes

I wept a lake

I dreamed of death

I saw the doctor

I had no faith

I believed

But fight the war

I am strong

I woke that day

The report was made

Stage one it was

The surgeon said

I got it all

Take a pill

One each morn

Your life goes on

God, I hate the tests you bring

Faith gone and back and gone again

Still my soul sings on once more

And kindness I learned is the thing

It knits the yes and no together

Courage is now a feather

In the hat of life, I wear

Cancer taught me I can fight

Tough I am, I will not bow

Throw your worst life

Is a strife

And love flows through like a stream

I will attain all I dream.

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