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Ode to a Stranger

Ode to the Stranger

A stranger I did meet,

Our world joined at my feet.

Gifts he brought to bear,

Although I did not care.

He did not ask for pay

Not on that dreary day

Pass it on he said,

Help someone instead.

His kindness touched my heart,

I placed the food in my cart.

A blanket went in as well,

Although I knew I’d sell.

You can work for me,

I understand you see.

I was once l like you,

Not knowing what to do.

A hand reached out to help,

I could only yelp.

He pointed to the church,

I rose, my feet did lurch.

My soul fluttered in my chest,

This man spoke not in jest.

He left me there on the street,

To think how chance did meet.

A perfect gesture divine,

Hope fluttered free, fine.

Now I sing his praise,

Each time a life I raise.

A moment etched in time,

Despite stench and grime.

This stranger I did meet,

He brought salvation to my feet.

He gave my life back to me,

I love him so you see.

In awe I can relate,

An ode which changed my fate.

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