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12 Months of Sorrow

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You watch me like an eagle

When I'm heading to bed

Acting as I'm a child

Because I get confused and forget

A lady with red hair

Was telling me I'm her sister

I think she's just lonely

And wants another visitor

Sometimes I have an accident

And it fills me with shame

I constantly worry about

It happening again

So I wander by the bathrooms

A place I feel safe

The staff aren't quiet

About me going insane

They shout at me for stealing bedding

But what if I make a mess

The confusion in my mind

Is calling out in distress

Last month I called out for help

Because my brother is back from the dead

They shook their heads sadly

Ignoring what I said

Last week, it was Tuesday every day

They try to explain to me carefully

But I don't understand what they say

Now I'm lost and I can't find my way home

So I sit and cry

Mommy said she'd never leave me alone.

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