Broken words

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At rhyming I've never been the best,

But heartache comes quite easy,

And when my heart can't find a rest

I like to get a little bit cheesy.

And is probably the fact that is quite so late

That I am feeling so damn lonely,

And is particularly what I hate

About being grown up surely.

But let me tell you one small fact

About the person I miss a lot

I've never thought he puts an act

When he talked about his love.

And all this time has passed from when

I saw him for the last,

And I wish that pain was now just all at the past,

But it grows for I know he does't miss me back

"What is" I ask myself "that I maybe lack?".

I know the truth lies way deeper than anyone knows,

That is why I try to keep all my friends so close,

So they never find out about the big secret of mine-

I am so unlovable that no one wants to cross that line.

Because they know if they show affection I will get addicted,

And then they will try to run just as I have always predicted.

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