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i never meant to write to make people feel like crying i just wanted to stop writing where i was lying so here is the raw thoughts , something you can relate to

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different , why ?

if you were to show one person a photograph of a black and white photo of a couple then ask them what they see , they would tell you that they see a couple in a black and white photo . then theres the people i call ′ differently detailed ′ .

they would describe the picture as the women looks insanely in love , whereas the man looks like he is hiding something from her - his smile is only half there . perhaps he was having an affair and wasn’t actually in love with her . they would think about the feeling that she would feel if she knew . not anyone can see what he has in his eyes, especially her . she was in love with him , she has no idea what is going on in his head .

but maybe she does . maybe she is one of the differently detailed population .

maybe she knows he doesn’t love her , that the sparkle in his eyes is slowly leaving or maybe left a long time ago . but she doesn’t want to lose him any quicker . or at all . making every excuse to stay and denying the truth . he doesn’t love her ? she loved him more than anything and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him . no matter the times he pushed her away , snickered , gave up on her , tested her patience . anything . she would never give up on him . never .

so why do some people see through others like a super power , and some do not ?

does it happen in the brain ? a ′ chemical misfire ′ or ′ miscorrelation ′ . when they were in the womb , did something go wrong - maybe not wrong - but not usual occur . too much of an analysis chemical was released where now these people can over-feel , over-analyse , over-think , over-throw . but the worst , they over-feel .

over-feel .

in a sense they can be vulnerable , but guarded at the same time . but they do not have a blindfold on in love . they see all . they can see whether someone has mentally and emotionally left , but they still don’t want them to leave even if it is bothering them . it’s like waking up for school in the morning , or work . you don’t want to get out of bed , it feel so comfortable and warm . so relaxed and home . but you know this feeling isn’t going to stay forever .

forever has an expiration date .

they knew that they didn’t love them back , but they couldn’t resist . always leaned in a little closer , foreheads touching . Dear God , couldn’t fight against the thoughts that were going through them . but they knew , all of them knew that their partner did not mirror the feelings . at the start of the interaction they confronted the truth , something the other could never do - confronted that it was going to destroy them when their partner left ; but a rogue part of them did not care .

they saw it coming , they just decided to enjoy it while it lasted .

- tfse .

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