The Dance

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A poem

Poetry / Romance
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The Dance

On a quiet night,

the stars aligned.

They shone so brightly, I could not hide.

I followed the song

Deep in my heart

That led me to

A time apart.

The floor was empty, except for a sound

The song of the universe

It spun me round.

I danced with my crazy, across an empty floor

The song of the cosmos

Held deep in my core.

Time grew cold, time stood still

The darkness held eyes, it gave me chills.

When next I look up, I see you there

Watching my crazy, so raw and bare.

You silently stand watching the floor,

No one joins me, it’s hard to ignore.

You smile so slyly as I reach for your hand

You hesitate and stumble as I help you stand.

Eyes in the dark, that always find mine

You’ve touched me deeply without even trying.

Know that I care, our hearts beat in time

Lovers across a cosmos always defying.

The music slows, we stand closer now

The dance of stars glows brightly with vows.

Your eyes tell a story as the dance comes to a close, two star crossed lovers with a dance we chose.

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