i’ll never know

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wrote this poem for my 16th birthday to highlight the mistreatment of african americans in our society . and to exemplify how a white person (like myself) will never experience that same pain .

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i’ll never know

the truth is , i’ll never know .

i’ll never know what it’s like to be pulled over and not be able to go home .

or have to have someone explain to me my dad had been shot over the phone .

or even what it’s like to go to the bank and be denied of a loan .

i’ll never know .

because i’ll never have to experience,

experience the pain bestowed upon my black brothers and sisters ,

for being of black inheritance .

i’ll try to understand, but i’ll never be able to compute ,

the pain a mother feels when she’s told her son had been shot on his daily commute .


“what else could we do ?”

maybe he did , but who authorized you to shoot ?

if he was white you would’ve stopped him

asked him where he’s going.

you’d leave him alone , and say he’s harmless to your knowing .

and you’d say it’s not bc he’s white .

but please officer,

your ignorance is showing .

and for that we scream ACAB

not talking about a cops character

we mean the system is corrupt

and paints black people to be the most vicious predator .

years of anger, racism and oppression directed towards the black community .

we try to protest but you mace us,

is that your only sense of immunity ?

deny all you want

we are built on systemic racism

but you won’t admit to that

bc as a cop you submit yourself to unjustified terrorism.

you’ll claim it’s not so bc “we live in the usa .”

“freedom and justice for all”

well unless they’re dark skinned or gay .

okay , if the USA isn’t racist,

what possessed you to pull the trigger ?

and why did you apologize to the family?

only to turn around and call him a *pause*.

i’ll never know .

what it’s like to be viewed as a target,

bc of my skin tone.

i’ll never understand.

and i’m perfectly aware

because i come from a long line of blue eyes and blonde hair .

with that being said ,

i acknowledge my white privilege.

and vow to only use it to help black men and woman .

despite their unfair american image.

don’t be mistaken !

we’re not done with this fight,

in fact we’re only getting started .

bc though you choose to separate us, we choose to unite .

they’re fight is my fight,

and although u will try your best to stop us.

we won’t stop till it’s made right.

ik i’ll never know

bc i am white .

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