Let's unite; "kill depression before it kills you"

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How in everyday world round the clock with lost souls feeling sad inside The unknown evil which is amongst us everywhere we go Just with a little understanding and compassion let's unite and help heal hearts and lost souls Let's kill depression

Poetry / Mystery
Neha Parmar
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Let's unite; "kill depression before it kills you"

I feel succumbed

I feel pain physically,mentally and emotionally

I'm still unemployed and dependent on my parents for the living everyday ,they help me with my expenses for my shelter, food,studies and materialistic things

I have everything that I need to live for everyday

Comfort for a goodnights sleep, food to eat,warm water to shower ,clothes to wear

And a roof over my head

I'm very thankful and grateful for whatever I have right now to my parents and god

For I'm protected from any kind of misery out on the streets and any kind of violence that keeps happening around the world

I'm grateful for that

And I thank god very much for all of this

See,so ihve got everything and my needs are taken care of materialistically

But I cant sleep at night until it's late and I wake up early in the mornings

I cry myself to sleep burying my face into pillows and blankets

I weep without making a single sound

So no one would come to know about it

I feel scared everyday

I feel fear of abandonment everyday

I feel sad everyday

I feel broken every while

I got overweight

I have bad eating habits

I try to fulfill my responsibilities everyday and night

I try to stay positive I make sure I have done everything right

And still i cant talk to anybody about my needs ,my inner needs ,lack of affection i feel everyday,lack of love is self loathing me everyday and night, fear of abandonment or being left alone is threatening me every single day

Whom do I go to for help

People think it's normal

People think I'm never gonna be satisfied no matter whatever they do for me or give me everything

But that's not true

Where connections are there

A lost soul is satisfied after finding it's right place in this world

I can to find my right place in this world and stop feeling all these

But how,?

When ? And why do I need someone when I have my family who says they love me and trust me they do

But y'all know what I'm exactly talking about

I hope you do

Becoz depression is everywhere

In families,homes,crowded places,amongst friends ,partners,relationship

All we need to do is talk to them with compassion and understand them

Try to help them cope with their depression

And give them the right kind of support and motivation they need

Because depression is a very dangerous evil

And unknown to most



Let's help healing hearts and minds and souls

Let's unite

Depression will kill you one day if you dont kill it

Kill depression

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