Orifice (A Collection Of Poems)

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The orifice is a book that consists of the poems written in a very simple, easily understandable and graceful manner. Easy to connect and feel every emotion that drives from you. THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO CONVEY YOUR FEELINGS, BUT IF WORDS CAN'T, THEN WHAT ACTUALLY CAN? ©All rights reserved.

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Author's note

Orifice means a hole or a vent in terms of physics. It is usually used in reference to a vent/hole between two bodies, vessels, etc.

But here, as a title, it used in terms of an escape. Here it is considered as the vent through which one can escape this real-world and get sucked in a world of imagination.

All the poems are written in a simple, easily understandable and elegant vocabulary. There is no specific agenda on which the poems will be based. It will be about any random thing.

There will be a portrayal above each poem which will describe the situation the poem is sat upon. It will enable you to get proper and profound insight on the poem.

You can also comment down or reach me on social media to suggest any topic you would like me to make a poem on. If it will be plausible then I will surely try to write a one on it.

Last but definitely not the least, I hope you guys enjoy it and it will mean a lot to me if it just touched a part of your heart .

Comment down your thoughts about the poem and like it if you really lked it.

Thank you.

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