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Forgiveness is a funny word. It can mean multiple things, to forgive is not to forget; forgive is moving on and telling yourself that, even though they hurt you or did something wrong; you are going to forgive them.

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Forgiveness is quite a funny word.

So let’s take a moment to forgive, shall we?

I want you to think of one person.

And I want you to think about there mistakes and how they hurt you,

Now other people would tell you don’t get mad, it’s not good to get mad.

Oh no, don’t cry it’s not good to cry.

But they are wrong.

Obviously it’s not good to cry all of the time.

And it’s not good to be mad at everyone and at yourself all of the time either.

But sometimes you need to let that anger and sadness out.

It’s not good to hold it in.

You need to not only forgive others.

But more importantly...

You need to forgive yourself.

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