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A collection of poetry about certain issues of our lives like social , women empowerment , environmental crisis etc. If you enjoy poetry and have concern for these topics , this is for you.

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No less , No more

"Gender Equality",

people shout it out loud.

They all give speeches,

to stir the crowd.

They made a train coach,

reserved for women.

They made bus travel free,

only for elders and women.

They let us pay half,

sometimes not even a penny;

for all those facilities ,

men are paying money.

They give their seats,

to us in the buses;

feeling like a gentleman,

while treating us like roses.

They make space for us ,

and try to keep us hidden.

As if the world is full of predators ,

and we, are merely kittens.

They take our decisions ,

saying, we are helping you.

They snatch the steering from us,

saying , this place is new.

They always try to accompany us,

no matter where we go .

Like somebody is plotting to harm us,

and we won't even know.

They enjoy our services,

all the time in the house.

But always hesitate,

when we step out.

We were given ears and tongues,

we do recieve our lessons.

But when it's our turn to speak,

nobody cares to listen.

They glorify men ,

who created history.

But all the great women,

are still a mystery.

It's not like, we didn't,

achieve equal to men;

It's just that, you were never told,

about women's accomplishments.

We, women , are talented,

as capable as any adult.

We have also put efforts,

to enhance this world.

We are already strong adults,

we are no less , no more.

So , see us as a human , not just a woman,

because , it comforts us to the core.

We need no more facilities.

We need no less respect.

We need no more work.

We need no less rest.

We need it no easier.

We need it no harder.

Only , when this happens,

the world could be better.

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