When Mind Suffers

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The Shamer

She is always sitting there,

has been sitting there for ages.

She is just a talker , a voice,

stuck inside my mind.

They say there are many parts,

to who you are.

And if she is a part of me,

I doubt , if I could ever love myself.

She always blames me, she shames me,

tells me , "I am ugly ,

I'm stupid , I'm useless , I'm weak ,

always sick.

I can never be alright ,

I'll always be a burden.

Can't make anyone happy,

can't even take care of myself."

She compares me ,

just to tell me I'm inferior .

Tells me, "I am not good enough,

I never was to begin with.

It's not like I am strong,

the challenges have always been too easy.

I can't even control my emotions,

can't work for my dreams.

What good I am for,

I broke people's belief."

When I ask her to please stop,

it only gets her overpowered.

And she continues,

to be even more harsh.

She is the one who breaks me,

makes me feel worthless, makes me cry .

Makes me wonder,

"Should I commit suicide?"

Searching for something unknown,

she makes me run wild.

She widens the hole inside my chest,

taking away the joys of life.

She keeps doing it,

until I have nothing left.

No she is not superior ,

or I won't live to tell you this tale.

But she sure is dangerous ,

what if she won and I failed?

I am afraid if,

she takes me to the point ;

when I make those thoughts my reality,

and collapse this world of mine.

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