When Mind Suffers

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Nothing feels like mine

Once , I stepped out alone,

to embark on a journey.

No one held me back , back then ,

They all were just the same.

My heart was filled , with,

excitement , fear , joy and passion. It felt so hard,

to hold back those emotions.

I walked , and walked,

discovering different places ;

traversing different roads,

meeting too many faces.

Always made the first move,

I was so eager to explore.

I was often rejected,

yet I wanted so much more.

So I kept going,

no, I never stopped;

until that one day,

I realised I was lost.

Far from once called home,

I was wandering for so long.

My heart got delighted,

by the attractions so strong.

Yet, every time I rested,

all the delight was gone.

Sitting in a corner , I wondered,

where do I even belong?

I met too many people ,

yes, I found some friendly ones.

But I was missing something,

something , I called mine once.

Oh , how hard I tried ,

knocking on every door.

Asking them to let me in,

but I was shoved on the floor.

I even tried going back,

just to take a break.

They let me in, but ,

surprisingly, my heart still ached.

Ever since that time ,

it was hurting.

It started to race before ,

and stopped after knocking.

I lied on my bed,

trying to relieve the pain.

But it only got worse,

all my efforts went in vain.

Then I packed everything ,

and stepped out once again.

Yet, I couldn’t heal,

I was walking with the pain.

No matter where I went ,

what I did and who I met,

My heart always hurt ,

and my eyes got wet.

Since then, I’ve been travelling,

waiting for my stars to align.

Now , I am living with the pain,

and nothing feels like mine.

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