Once I was a Poet

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A collection of poems and writings from the conclaves of a lost soul.

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Ceilings Of Four Corners Rooms

I dont regret the day that.

I gave up life.

I only dwell upon it

And remember what,


Must of felt like

As I fell into chaos

You all stood there and watched it

Nothing compares to the equal part and amount of the broken and desires of the less spoken.

Fear of denial? Or fear of my arrival?

It makes no difference

For my defense, is not forthcoming

Nor are the walls still holding

This house is but a room

An this room but a cage

Barred windows and mirrors alike

To see into the soul is to stare back into the holes that once gave life but now take away all things that create light.


Can you see it

As my head is thrown back about a country mile

And you’ll be standing there watching

Gasping and praying

But never believing that this is your fault

But my resolve

Will be a testament of the freedom you lied about

The stakes into my heart will become thorns of the roses that will be laid upon my throne

Because wasn’t seeing that made you starting believing

Yet sadly you all have lost your eyes

I fly so high

But we fell so far

“Echo five five we are experiencing some huge waves”

I made you break bones that were laced upon the roof of your mouth like promises that were sowed by your lover.

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