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This is the first one please read, wrote it for a competition at school.. PS. Its in my native tongue hope its not too hard to read nor understand... Am Jamaican


Jah know star them life yah hard ennuh

A should a listen

Man need a better life

Man want a better life, but man nah reach a better life

Look at me now, now look at me then

Starting high and mighty

Not even fly, could brush gainst I

Kick back, sit back, relax

Nuh me that!!!

Them blabbering bout CXCS

CXCS??? Man nuh need that

Seem as if only yesterday those words

Left my mouth

But unfortunately a did last week

Following friends high & low

Like some lost puppy

Should a listen

Should a listen when mama talk

She always say don't be a FOLLOWER


But did I listen?? No!!! I ignored her

Left school with no subjects


Nothing at all

In need of a job

But caah get none

Affi turn to domestic work

Man Neva sign up fi that

FRIENDS living the high life

While I living the low life

Jah know star!!!



If I could turn back

The hands of time

I would grab CXC at

First mention

And this would a neva ketch me at tall...

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