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This was mothers day special

Hope you enjoy

Much love to ma mummy❤❤❤ 💞💞

Mom you are my light in this dark 🌎

The reason my heart beats everyday

Mom without you my 🌎 would have crumpled, shattered to bits.

Mommy theirs no one else like you

You are irreplaceable

You held my hand through thick and thin,

My rock when I fell

Use and abuse

My hero

My remodel

My motivator

Mom when the 🌎 knock me down,

You did not turn your back and held your head high

No!!! You did not

You held my hand pull me right up,

Standing talk and proud

Mom you are irreplaceable

You taught me many things

But the ones I admire the most are:

Being humble and kind, especially to those in need of help.

Mom you are irreplaceable

Mommy even if your no longer here with me i might have my family and friends

But their love could not full the hole in my heart, because no love is more greater than a mothers love for her children.

My dear mommy you are irreplaceable no one could replace you.


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