Unsettled Silence

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"Poetry are the words that a broken heart cries out in the darkness" A collection of random poems written by me. Hope you enjoy.

Poetry / Other
Shalaka Sawant
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Chapter 1

Here is another poem I just wrote :)

Like a raindrop falling down from the sky

Alone and without an idea of its future

Like an animal on the side of the road

Injured and no one to tell their pain

Like a shell laying on the ocean shore

Sad and left feeling utterly useless

Like a boy lost in an unknown city

Scared and desperate for his family

Like a bird without its own little nest

Worried and hungry for some affection

Like a piece of paper flying across the sky

Lost and without a proper destination

Like a blind girl in a world full of color

Pathetic and completely out of ordinary

Today I woke up feeling a ton of things

Like all of the above feelings wrapped in one

Numb to the constant pain and sadness

I couldn’t find what I wanted to be happy

Feeling the loss of a loved one in my heart

Or is it just my old self that has disappeared?

Heartbreak and sorrow felt almost normal

I wished for a it all to vanish away soon

Today I woke up feeling a lot of things

But mostly, I just felt all alone and lost

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Thanks for reading

Much love.

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