The Highschool Box

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The Box

The black walls surround your body. And the shadows claim your heart. Your eyes well up with tears of fear as your only source of light vanishes within an evil mist, despite your blood curdling cries, the door is unyielding.

You turn in your heated rage, as the coal black floor forms a tidal wave. You pound the walls as the wave draws near, and around you the fire spurts.

It claims the room and the wave rushes over you. As you drift, you feel yourself go numb.

You can’t move as the floor pulls you in. You close your eyes as your body is covered with black.

The floor claims you and the fire stops. The wave settles and the door is gone. Your body is no more, you are one with the room.

Here you’ll dwell forevermore... forevermore.

B.W. Harold

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