The Highschool Box

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Untitled # 4

My heart lies in wait. The clouds blind my eyes. I hear the lovers’ song, exotic as a gypsy. Patiently I wait for my God-given mate. And I know he isn’t near.

My emotions over rule me and loneliness consumes me. My hormones rage and my mind betrays me. I find myself dreaming of the phantom figure in the distant mist. I know he is nothing, but a myth.

All the ones I loved before are frightened boys to me now. I see them in my memory and realize they never knew me.

I still whisper their names in the darkness of my room. Yet, why do I still allow them to linger when all they did was vex me?

All I know is a cynical truth, that love is vanity and the only thing that keeps a man and woman from chasing lust.

B.W. Harold

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