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A collection of songs im working on, or finished!!

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Cop Shows

So this girls out back

Sitting in her car

Everybody thinks: she's gonna go far.

She's got good grades

Record of all As

Well this girl out back

She dont wanna go far

She likes where she's at

Doesn't wanna be stabbed in the back

Well she doesn't know crap

Crap about that

This "good girl"

Who's"gonna go far"

She's smoking and

She's drinking and

She's getting it on

About a month later

She's single again

About a month later

She ended up dead

He was sitting in

a garbage dump thinking

"I don't wanna grow up"

He liked to play the guitar

He liked to skate-board

He was called a bad kid

But he was good at heart

He just needed a friend

He wanted to go far

That girl out back

She entered his life

Now his going to jail

Cause he didnt want to die

I listen to a lot of cop shows

They cover up what we should know

I listen to a lot of cop shows

Lady justice should know

I listen to a lot of cop shows

This guys spinning around

He's got a ski mask on

He plays the violin

He's oh so talented

He's usually inside

He's asleep at night

He wouldn't harm a fly

He's a good guy

Now this girl sees him

Going into his house

He's a guy she doesn't

know anything about

So she calls

911 and when

They arrive

The guy doesn't run.

He says,

"Officer please

I was a little beat

And I think your job is neat.

You want to protect people

And so do I."

The officer,

He ain't holding him right

The real good guys gonna die.

"I don't eat meat

And I would never mean

To cause a problem

Of any kind.

I'm not breathing right."

Officer doesn't give a damn

He's a bad man

And even though he's killed

An innocent man

He's doing alright

He's walking around

The streets

Hasn't turned in his badge

Cause the system didnt care

That he killed a man

You'll notice on a lot of cop shows

That the so-called "heroes"

Who hide behind blue clothes

On those cop shows

Seems theres nothing they don't know

Now there's something that these boys

May they rest in peace

Have in common

That won't put you at ease

The color of their skin

Isn't pasty white

And no they dont have a tan

Its just melanin

And thats alright

I listen to a lot of cop shows

And heres what you should know

I listen to a lot of cop shows

Lady Justice doesn't know

Whats happens off the cop shows

But the people they know

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