The Invisible Door with the Lost Key🔑

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To love you means, I surrender but to what do I have the pleasure of surrending to? Your maryter, your slave, your nothing. This is how I would come to you, now that I have been bruised. No trust, no faith in what you would have to offer. Like a police man who has assessed you more time then none and has released you only for you to return with the same excuses and tried ways. This is unisex by the way and same sex if you depict it. If we are together it should be love no matter what the circumstances, you agreed to love and to hold and cherish. This in terms is to all relationships as they should all be worth the graduation of forever. The days if commitment are coming, forced to quarantine, forced to choose, forced to truths untold. "Is that your baby momma with the sweet baby in the Facebook photos, the baby looks just like you". Give me forever, give me truth, why do you make me beg? Sit me down and teach me to love you and accept to learn to love me too. Instead the streets are calling you to put on your clown costume and dance like fool. Haven't you had enough clowning around what happened to those dreams you said? "Oh you lied again" sit me down and tell me what hurts, what's your past? and how do you wish to proceed from here on out with me? I can only heal you if you heal me, we heal each other we remove all animosity. Let's show the world...

Poetry / Drama
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Chapter 1

Let's show the World🌎

Knock us down, We stand back up but together.

Sun up to sun down you create and I do so too. Why don't you and I create something new?

Make me your home not that place down the street. I am willing to ride the waves in anything with you.

You will find a winner in me if you teach me how to love you and you accept to learn to love me too.

We build we grow, we minimize our circles, nothing selfish just living our realist life is all.

How can I cater to the crowd if my progress is weak, days ahead Im a slave to that same crowd?

Only to get back up and do it all again.

Change the pattern change your cycle. You in the world scumming down to the dumpsters getting kicked to the curb by the same people who rooted you on into extortion.

What good are you to society if you haven't used any of your gifts?

You accept gifts but do not give,to live off of your neighbor's who will own you in less than enough time. You have slaved at there door for long enough.

Build me a house from scratch build many houses. With your great mind hidden under many layers of suppression of oppression.

Why do you only sale you merchant?

Let me see my ancestors in you ,dig and build the land you have already started. You stopped, on your way, you handed your gifts over for the taste of the devil's posion,created to blind you dumb "Awaken my love" .

Architect your own way.

I want you to.

Then I will know you have grown in strength and in numbers,

I will value you.

Take away my tears when I sleep at night, let me see the changes in you. Knowing that all you do is put on that clown suit gives me sadness and some grief to. Give me more of you, I want more of you then just meets the eye.

Give me all of you as I am willing and able to give you all me and what your yearning for to.

What's in a dream is it just lies? Or things you say you want to do but haven't found the time. Take me with you on that dream and let's invest in its moment by moment.

I promise, I think I have the answer to what is bothering you.

You are worth more than what you feel right now. Push harder and remove the dust off of your bronze alloy shield, help me to remove minds you have been asleep for far to long and so have I.

Nothing is given, so don't bother wasting time, build it from scratch this dream of yours persistence is needed.

Your friends can wait if they value you. You have decided to build an army of strong man to balance the world.

Do not mistaken the building of strong man for clashing egos amongst yourselves and amongst any other race.

As flesh can be torn but the soul is it's true forum, hidden under armour's of armour selected by the one and only true.

Tested by many but never seen that's what the souls purpose is for, that's what it's here to do.

Shed your light but do not divide, there is no divide and conquer for the ones who thinks and believes that divide and conquer is true they are the ones living the LIE.

Though we may not taste and see the goodness that some are able to enjoy daily based on unequal wages & ect.

Still remain calm you'll fight but be fair let It be true go through your struggle fight for what you believe in.

Use your creation and your voice they are designed to do your will set your passion a blaze. Friends of the people that you have made over the years let them be the friends that stand beside you (Rihanna). From the good and the bad.

Color should not be the issue, the sea is beautiful the ocean is wide it's big enough for all to see. We all have eyes and so we all want that beautiful picture. Why is it that some types of people have this view and others pollution behind pollution?

Fill me with a new day one where I walk beside the ocean one where I'm able to touch and feel the sand beneath my feet knowing that peace will come.

Boundaries set by income, boundaries set by income causes multiple deaths.

Those who wake up with a plate of food served to them, try to sympathize but they are unable to have the empathy needed. They have not felt, they have not lived, they have not known struggling even for a day for some.

Consistency is the only thing they'll know your consistency of reminding us all that we are tired.

They'll forget if we don't remind them that we're tired of the invisible door. We want to see the sea the ocean the peace without having surveillance cameras consistently on us, tapped into our vehicles, tapped to our computers, tapped throughout our Cable systems, tapped through our lives, monitoring and keeping us out of #allofourstogetherzones# that we may be able to taste and see ONLY at a minimum.

It is my figure of thinking since everything is limited even in the times.

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