Save Me, Please

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Normally, my books are dedicated to everyone. but this time, I felt like some people need a shoutout. So here we go,

To Kenzie, I know tough times are here, but I hope that you stay safe, and you keep yourself safe. And I’ll be there to remind you that you are one of the strongest people I know.

To Sadie, I understand you regret the past, so forget it and move on, I’ll be here to help along the way. You are also one of the strongest people I know.

To Rose, things have been going off and on and I feel like you think the world is unstable. And I guess it is... But we’re going to have to go with the flow, and I hope I can join you.

To Neko, things really have been happening, haven’t they? I hope you’re okay and I hope life works out for you. I hope to be there every step of the way.

To Cole, you are literally the smartest dude I know. I really hope to stay. Also, thank gosh you don’t leave.

To Tobi, you are just keeping me alive these days. Thanks for staying with me.

To Rox, even though you’re missing for a little bit, you still stick with me through everything big and small and I appreciate that.

To Dennis, again, you’re kinda missing stuff, but you were technically my first Inkitt friend and I was your first follower. Oh, and you thought I was a boy. Which is possible.

To Kaira, you are just hilarious. We won in the war and you were the best teammate. You’re one of the funniest people on Inkitt.

To Aamenah456, I first found you more like an idol, writing Charlie and Dia and all, but now, you're like the coolest person ever. And we can relate to so many tastes.

To everyone else, you're still special, please don't think you suck because you're in this section. I LOVE all of you and I'm sure that you all have different things that make each and everyone one of you special.

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