The Broken Brilliance of Maaz Bin Ahmed

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A Letter From Me To You

So, you made it to the end. It means this book wasn't

as bad as I thought. That's the reason you are reading

this note. Thank you. For experiencing the most

private parts of my life. Sit down, relax. You must be

tired after reading the side which I kept hidden from

everyone else for so many years. Most tragic things

happen to the most beautiful people. Life is just not

fair. And sadly, you can't change that. But what you

can do is, use that experience and turn it into

something brilliant, extravagant. That's what I did.

The same thing which was killing me, I turned the

same thing into a masterpiece. And I know you can

do it too. You just gotta believe in yourself. I wish

nothing but absolute best for each and every one of

you. Stay blessed.

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