The Broken Brilliance of Maaz Bin Ahmed

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About The Book

The reason of writing this book is, I was feeling my chest heavy from quite a while. All those emotions, all those feelings, all that sadness, all that pain, it was like they were all piled up and placed right on my heart.

The darkness inside, which I kept fighting for over 7 years now, was finally winning. Especially the last year was by far the worst. I had four setbacks, big ones. That just pushed me to the limits of my limit. And I

knew if I didn't do anything about it, soon it will consume me. So, I grabbed a pen, a notebook, and decided to write. And for the first time in my life, I let myself cut loose. I took off the heavy shackles and chains, which I kept my emotions in. Nobody knew what kind of wild storm I was keeping inside me, as they always saw a guy with never ending smile on his face. But beneath that, there was darkness residing. Darkness so black, that nothing gets reflect back from

it. I finally let it flow. I finally stopped resisting it. I somehow managed to start writing. With each page

getting inked, the raging emotions inside me began to settle down. I finished the book in just under a month. And when I stopped the pen pouring my heart out, there was calmness inside me which I felt never


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