Save The Oceans Poem

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Save The Oceans

So blue, so big,

Marvellous and still,

The peace of the seas,

That no one can kill,

The bright coral reefs,

The currents fly by,

The species at home,

Where they cannot die,

The deep blue depths,

The whales that sing,

The cold salty breeze,

And the weather it brings,

The freezing cold arctic,

The shining white ice,

That’s packed in blocks,

And will always look nice,

The fish swimming freely,

Before getting stuck,

In large plastic bags,

They have run out of luck,

The oil starts flowing,

Out through the sea,

The birds dive and get stuck,

And beg, please let me free,

The poachers on boats,

The sharp spears they bare,

To kill whales with,

And no one cares,

Climate Change is happening,

And soon it will be too late,

The ice bergs are already melting,

We have no hope at this rate,

So I please beg you,

Public and power,

Reverse our carbon footprint now,

Or stand there and cower,

If you choose to stand there and cower,

We will all die,

Humans, animals, fish, Earth,

Please don’t tell me you call this a lie,

Because if you do and you choose to lie,

I will be laughing and cursing you,

When you realise your mistake,

And then we will all perish, including you too,

If you want to live,

Please spread the word,

We fight, we riot, we protest,

We will fly like a bird,

If we don’t fight,

Don’t riot or protest,

We will die just like a bird,

Falling out of it’s nest.

We only have one planet,

One Earth, one chance,

We must change our ways,

And have an eco balance,

If we do not change our ways,

Then our lives fate is clear,

We die on a planet that loved us,

And everything we loved dear,

I beg you,

Save our planet,

I beg you,

Save our oceans,

I beg you,

Save our creatures,

And I beg you,

Save our race.

By Fern Leaf Hill.

Age 13.

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